I have been a violinist all my life, and a yogi for 15 years. When decades of violin playing finally caught up with my neck and shoulders, I sought relief at a local yoga studio. At the time, I never suspected that my yoga practice would become my sanctuary, my sanity, and my second calling.

I have been fortunate to study with some wonderful teachers; I finished my first teacher training with Charlotte(Hamsa) Stone in 2003, and my second(with Jason Brown) in 2011, and continue my studies with Jason as well as sampling from the myriad yoga styles available in the Big Apple. My personal practice is rooted in the mindfulness and meditation training I have received, grounded in my-continually expanding-understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy, and inspired by the music I love.

Yoga Alliance Registration: RYT, Structural Yoga(r), RYT500, Zenyasa(r) Yoga